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Family Tree DNA – Justice – Results [DNA, Excerpt/LEAD/Link] (2017)

According to the ongoing reading/research I have done — The JUSTICE surname has several possible origins:

1) English — from the ‘justice system’ (occupational name).

2) German / French — from Gustaffsson — adapted to JUSTICE by the families, once they reached the North Carolina, SC regions.

3) Native American — who were required to have SURNAME if they were going to serve during the Civil War. NA families had no surname (they trace their ancestry through their mothers) — so they would often ‘adopt’ the surname of a family they highly respected.

Which of these are “MY” origins?

Could be a bit of each — since I have several connections to e JUSTICE family tree branch from long ago.

Will add more when I find it.

— C A Abenathy



…There is a lot of great genealogical work out there on the Justices, but also a lot of confusion due to common names/locations, holes in the paper trail, and surname spelling changes. My I hope is that this DNA project can couple the science with the paper trail and provide new insights, which I believe we have already done and will continue to deliver.There are three primary genetic families that our Y-DNA evidence (i.e. paternal line) has revealed so far. Based on genealogical records, these three genetic families come mainly from three common ancestors (i.e. DNA alone cannot yet group our results by specific common ancestors). These common ancestors helped shape early America. Genetic Family 01 has Scandinavian DNA and appears to have come from Sweden and settled in early Delaware (i.e. New Sweden colony). Although many amateur genealogists confuse this family with the other two genetic families, data from this project definitively proves that this genetic family is unrelated (within a genealogical time frame).[…]”

[…COMPLETE text on source site..LINK below…]

Source: Family Tree DNA – Justice – Results | Family Tree DNA

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