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Sidney W. Lee, Buffalo Rock, Highway 25, and Calcis

'Towhead' during summer time

'Towhead' during summer time -- Cathy Abernathy (circa 1973) -- photo taken during a very warm summer day, in front of the "H. R. Justice Store"
(owned/managed by Cathy's grandfather,
Herbert Russell Justice;
then later by her Aunt, Frances Justice Warren.)

Recent events have happened that has brought attention to the general area of which I called home while growing up.

Highway 25 from Vincent to Leeds was a project that had strong backing from Mr. Sidney W. lee and his business partners — they had been frequent visitors to Calcis (whistle stop for the train), on their way to a hunting lodge nearby. They feel in love with the natural beauty of the area, and knew that it could become quite a tourist area if their were a state road built over Double Oak Mountain into the various winding valleys.

Mr. Sid Lee was well known by the children in Calcis, he would bring fruits and candy, to give out when he would get of the train at the Calcis Depot. Stories from my mother, aunts and uncle say, being a staunch Scotsman, he would often wear a kilt.

Mr. Sid Lee was also the founder of the Buffalo Rock Bottling company.

One destination that brought couples and business/tourist traffic to the small depot at Calcis, was a stop over to load into horse-/mule-drawn wagon(s); followed by a pleasant trip through theĀ  neighboring hills and valleys, to the Montpilier Outing Club located on Camp Creek. This Hotel and grounds were near the Shelby/Saint Clair County line. All that remains of the Club and it’s Mill is the rusting frame of the gutter/beam bridge, and the rock dam across the creek bed.