RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: MAMA’S FAMILY TREE

07 Jan

Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

1. Henry Pickard was born 1714 in NC, and died 1790 in Chatham Co. NC. He married Elizabeth Smothers.
Children of Henry Pickard and Elizabeth Smothers are:

+ 2   i. John Henry Pickard was born 1740/1750 in Chatham Co. NC, and died C. 1840 in Monroe Co. GA.
+ 3   ii. William Pickard was born Abt 1755 in Orange Co. NC, and died 1826 in Chatham Co. NC.
4   iii. Thomas Pickard was born Abt 1759 in NC.
5   iv. Christian Pickard was born Abt 1761 in Hancock Co. GA. She married James Watley Bef 1790.
6   v. Mary Pickard was born 1767. She married Robert Clark.
7   vi. Sarah Pickard was born 1765. She married Samuel Baldwin Bef 16 JUL 1790 in NC.
8   vii. Elizabeth Pickard was born Abt 1763. She married Philemon Lacey.

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Source: RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: MAMA’S FAMILY TREE

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